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Shank Prakshalana
under the guidance of JAYA

- The Center proposes the possibility of being assisted for Shank Prakshalana. This technique which belongs to the Shatkarmas increases the vital capacity of the person whom practises it.

- It consists of a complete cleaning of the intestines, good when the season changes, after periods of unbalanced food, to correct digestive disorders or skin problems, tiredness, constipation...

- Shatkarmas are intended to recreate the harmony in the body and in the mind.

Being at the origin of a perfect operation of the body systems, these practices inevitably release the mind and the body from disturbances and make easier to progress towards inner quiet and physical health.

cf description of the technique and take an appointment


  • Come in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • About 3 hours of practice (technique, rest and meal).
  • Bring a bathrobe and a towel
  • One will serve to you a light and adapted meal at the end of the practice.
  • Plan one afternoon of rest.


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