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Wishes of Jaya 2011


“Wishes of Jaya 2011”

And if your eyes were to closed for the last time…
leaving behind them the sky and the trees, leaving blueness and greeness,
what mental images would be printed,
behind the enclosed space of your “departing” brows…
From so beloved faces which have become a little hazy,
so phantasmagoria of dreamy visions.
What would you keep from the world deep in your thoughts…
What slow alchemy will you be “proceeded from”…
What have you done with time by continually watching over it…
Have you understood it better from the external attitude,
or are you among those who at the order of the day,
lower their eyelids in gentle reflexion.
The YOGI “recedes” and patiently goes back
questing for his source intrinsically free.
He drinks from it as an human animal,
and beneath his eyelashes winks at thirst and rapture.
But he has to know that Nectar and Poison,
are alike in nature for the imperfect causes.
He must transform the cycles of the tares
and make what kills, a key for eternity.
His lovers is “kunda”, and “lini” (1) and any others…
they make him a “rebel” beyond doctrines,
so that from so many experiences only “Vidya” (2) takes shape.
His nails are long through the whiteness of his writing,
and wins your essence when he “kumbakises” (3),
but he gives you so much when he writes down his words
and hangs them skilfully to your heavy ears.
Through his feminine form, he wears your senses
and sets a thrill along your spine,
and you no longer knows in this “shaktisation” (4).
what deity lays dormant in your cells.
Long armed Paredre who protects and blesses,
or any god having been incarnated.
Thus he makes all your dual principles“Androgyneus”,
and invites your sciences to review their acquired knowledge.
To the delicate fight for beauty,
he displays his sides to your acerbic speech,
when you “gossip” about his strange rites.
But you are seeking sweetness from his very advice.
He has sometimes to be ordinary,
and never fears your uncertain mirrors.
But from his very advice you are tasting honey.
So do care for him as long as he is part of this world,
help him to achieve perfection and do not judge him.
His mind is so vivid as to appear incoherent,
meanwhile with his thread, he weaves your light.
Let us become the protectors of these marvels,
Which he has been teaching you for decades.
May your times to come help you in this work,
that restores intelligence to the grain of your skin.
Turning you into free beings in your bosoms,
and hoistering to the highest nobleness your secret ideals.

Jaya Yogacharya


*1 ref.: Kundalini: primordial energy enchased at the root of the vertebral rachis
*2 ref.: Vidya: knowledge
*3 ref.: Kumbaka: retention of the breath in the pranayamas
*4 ref.: Shakti: another name of fundamental energy
Maheswari joins me in bringing you all her wishes of support and devotion.
Hari om tat sat

traduction in english: Yolande Authier , Regine Adams de Villiers , Fontaine Marguerite


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