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Heart of yogi

Heart of yogi

He gets the better of You, of these "break" which "breach" you
which one does’nt get over for fear of rancour.
Then, taking the heart which was offered to you,
He"etherealizes" there, without further explanation.
Silence is guarantor for Purity and Knowledge
and nobleness must indeed be recalled.
The emotional fields must be reminded,
He looks at his own who are afraid of your dark.
He gave to your hands the fusional pasha [1]
which here you let down, helpful and discrete,
lesson given to him that this donation,
could’nt preserve the wisdom of his tales.
She was the fragrance which linked up each word,
every thinking breath at each fingertip.
He forgot the wise men who warned him,
to not ever confuse the belly and the chest.
Between gravity and force of feelings,
When destiny seems to be avoidable,
It’s good to stay at the top in the sky,
and to propel oneself very far from "viscerique" [2].
In the seat of great heart, there is free willpower,
degaussed from latent ties
that "pulsionne" envy, enslave the need.
Only the only power of one’s centered being.
indeed "vitalizes" and purify one’s "Own".
The Wishing tree [3] , then could be seen,
but remind to this one would let him caught,
that all desire is not necessarily desirable.
"Oh, if only the other one could help me!"
And that is what he does with science and sacred.
"Oh, if only, the other was waiting!"
And here we loose him between his parallels.
So let us be attentive to each other as ourself.
and banish doubt on those we love.
So close is the jewel of correct thinking,
When we are loved by faithful people.
Impassive in the opposing, luminous in the dark,
They shiver and wait for enlightened consciousness.
Your open silences "unlimite" his skull;
who will seek the source, would it be pilgrimage,
to quench the veins of your separate rivers.
Love must exclude the vile, the blackmail.
As you’d rounded the cape of your ears,
which goes from your pianos to the flutes of its soul
the path so much sought might be there.
in the humble understanding of this human love.

Jaya Yogacharya

Talk by Jaya: meditation course on the 30th of november 2012

In the yoga of Shakti’s awakening, Anahata heart chakra has a very special place.
The yogis will tell you it’s important that the kundalini awakes at least in manipura, the centre of the belly and that once she’s awoke here, she stays permanently there. From there, she will be able to go up to the above level and being transformed. Nowadays many people, because of their professional activity, their interaction with others, are, fortunately for humanity, active on the plane of heart. However, we can observe a very individualistic and presumptuous development among most people, particularly the younger generation.

This heart centre works therefore in many people, but we have to distinguish activity and awakening.

This evening, I’m not going to describe the iconographical attributes of this particular chakra, but to remind you that it’s among other chakra the seat of the second psychic tie: Vishnu granthi.

This tie represents the slavery cause of the emotional attachment. It corresponds to a type of running where the decisions are guided by emotions or feelings, but not with a luminous mind enlightened by spiritual knowledge. Opening this way can be done only by being aware of spiritual values and harmonization of our emotions.

Each chakra corresponds to a consciousness and awareness level. One who realizes the awakening of these values at this place, besides being able to control his senses and his mind he will do great and honourable actions.

The powers associated with this chakra are inspired words on one hand and in the other hand the art to enter at will in the body of someone else. As this chakra is also the seat of the healing, these powers play a part in the act of care.
So, it’s useless trying to treat the others from a standpoint of energy if you aren’t aware of this centre there. No prana will be active, no shakti out of your hands.

Tantric texts assert that it’s the place where thoughts and desires are materialized.

When you are focused on the lower chakras, you are depending on your destiny. It’s called prarabdha karma. You have the apparent control of the situations of your life but in fact you are influenced by all empirical planes, animistic and visceral which enslaves your sense organs, body and mind. The life seems to you inevitable, despite a will in action.
This does’nt prevent to realize one’s life but on a simplistic level.

At a higher level, it’s different. You can act and get rid of the implacable law of an apparent destiny .
At this point, the shakti which animates the consciousness is accelerating, and thus allows this so-called consciousness to rise up and break away from the visceral and samskaras, namely from unconscious underground imprints.

This free will wakens by the fact of its only experience. Beliefs, external aids no longer need to be. In the same way when the frontal chakra wake up, the master inside you awakens and you no longer need a master or a guru.
In the same way of course, at an earlier stage, on the heart plane, you don’t need a psychotherapist or a close friend to guide your heart any more.
Spiritual awareness first gives this opportunity to determine our fate.
Tantra will tell you that at the source of this centre is the Whishes Tree, the kalpa Taru or kalpa Vriksha.

kalpa taru temple

If it becomes active, everything you think or wish becomes real experience. But it is perhaps not desirable, according to the depths of human nature, to get the realization of all one’s wishes. Otherwise it would kill all hated beings, even loved ones and the world would be destroyed for a long time.

Thoughts continuously assail us, they could be physical, financial, domestic, romantic, professional. As long as they are not feasible and remain thoughts, we thought without economy none control.
If it’s not their verbalization aloud!
There is no risk, could we believe, to dream, to rave, to desire, to revenge, to destroy, to settle its accounts as long as his thoughts have no power of realization. It’s the fun fair in the head. However, there is sometimes a great danger to express them.

But one who develops his mind, and purifies his planes of consciousness even develops the power to act powerfully.
More major powers are, more delicate the responsibility of these powers are. The more you expand your tools, your thoughts are double-edged weapons.
If you awaken the heart centre by intense practices, but indiscriminately, while you don’t have mastered the mind power, mind power will eat you.
More simply, in every day life, and for ordinary beings, if you play with the great heart, by being pessimistic, by developing your negative trends, by becoming a follower of the dark, you’ll break down quickly and return to empirical and your visceral shackles.

The high sensitivity vibration of this noble centre must raise awareness of the need to be vigilant towards oneself and others.

So become aware that in front of you, there may be more sensitive and more vibratory.
In front of you, if you are already subtle and delicate, imagine when your black and dark aspects pour on others.
Or, you cement the other in his animist and return him under the ground, or you cut in the beauty more beautiful than you. As to your own beautiful, you can’t stand that someone damage or put in doubt what you patiently carved.

As Anahata awakens, the yogi must pay attention to his company that could slash this beautiful and question his abilities.
The yogi has to remain impassive and firmly established more than ever on a great determination.
The will power associated with knowledge and action will develop this triple shakti (tripura ), this unwavering energy.

But the highways of our heart sometimes fork into unexpected ties. Rolling the wheel on the way of great heart as on a highway with a developed mental power, means riding off with a sport car.
Life often bring us face to face with people who are not conscious of this process. But we have to love them and consider anyone who try to evolve despite his unhappiness, his addictions, his imperfections, his clumsiness, trials of life, his attachments, his offences.

The Shakti will not destroy a good and bright heart. She will even invite it to the psychic powers of the throat chakra. We’re so pathetic, so ephemeral and so eternal.
Let us be as sunflowers, let’s turn towards the sun as long as it appears to us.
Don’t wait for the rainy days to act.

Selfishness which immures you or serves as a shield is a vitiated form of love for yourself. Distancing can help us to manage the other one, but doesn’t remove the need to work with ourselves.
In the same manner that the purity of consciousness must reach the skull, in the same way, the symbol of purity which is Padma (lotus), symbol of spiritual and opening work, must grow in the chest.

In this jungle of ego, where we exploit people for our own benefit, even in spiritual practice, it is good to improve the subtle and return to the noble creations of the human soul, as art, music, poetry... Ego is a great obstacle in our lives, but we will not get it with the intellect tool. Only a highly developed form of love, devoid of naivety and firmly established will allow us to relativize ego and return it to its original source so that it will be dissolved.
Return your ego to the big bang of your being so that your expansion release from it. Browse the infinite waiting for you on the wings of your own existence, carrier of love and consciousness. The world is fluctuating between light and shadow, and you’ll always be the mirror which reflects both.
Only the dimension of the humble and the quest for the best, will lead you to your own knowledge.

A story of kalpa taru

kalpa vriksha

An ascetic lived in a forest and practised for a very long time under the Wishes tree without knowing it. Tired, he gave himself a break and said he was a little hungry. At that time, some fruit fell from the tree before him!
Surprised by this, he thanked the tree.
"Then he said," Ah, if only I could have a good bed! "
and a sumptuous bed materialized in front of him. Happy, he thought however, "Ah, night is falling , if I sleep there, tigers will eat me! and tigers..."

Hari om Tat Sat

Jaya yogacharya

"Kama" by N. Jorez "
"Kundalini Awakening " by Marc-Alain Descamps.
"Kundalini tantra" by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

English traduction. R.Adam de Villiers & M. Fontaine

[1Pasha, the link, the tie which connects human beings to illusion of the world in three states: dreaming, sleeping, and waking state. None gives awaking and consciousness state.

[2Viscerique, neologism to express the visceral of the belly elemental centre.

[3Kalpa Taru in sanskrit.

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