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"Why are you here ?"

Why are you here ?

Why are you here in the dark, strapped with fire
forgetting all the love given by your mother
so that your eyes could see the brightness of days
and not for you to indulge in your own heinous ways?
Why are you here in the dark, bleeding inside,
lost forever are the melodious sounds
you had come for a harmonious night
and suddenly you lie in front of a window ?
Why are you here in the daylight, thou who comes to see that,
and smell the smoke of the irredeemable acts ?
You try wit against the obvious « Voilà ! »
carrying banners denouncing the unthinkable.
Why are you here in white, thou who tends to the red
at the eternal bedside of the ephemeral flesh
comforting the father with words and gestures
while closing the eyes of his inert daughter ?
Why are you here in « the « weary », thou who carries a badge
helmet up and gun in hand
you have done your best to march to safety
our liberty submitted by unworthy brethren ?
Why are you here in the picture, thou who « journalists »
forgetting sometimes what modesty permits
and giving your anaesthetic mouth
the watery liquid of your saliva your tears could not shed ?
Why are we all here, in the commenting of the world,
hearts ridden by the archaic thinking
clothed with boundaries and egoistic fears
when all we need is unity of our souls all around ?

Author : Jaya Yogacharya
Poetic text in reaction to the attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris

translation from French : Laeticia Volcey

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